Sports and more

Wednesday we went to the colfox sports festival, we did football rounders, tennis rounders, cricket rounders and normal rounders. Yesterday we started swimming for the time in year 5. We did dodgeball yesterday it was great fun, Mr Toohill caught me out but I can’t blame him because he is tall. Year 5 boys love football, most of them are in the st.catherines football team.

we are doing skip to be fit challenge.

from Ryan

Sports festival at colfox

Today we did:

  • front crawl in swimming,
  • a lovely mathes test
  • awesome computing


On wednesday we went to colfox.We played rounder-football ect.Some girls went to the drama hall to dance.It was very fun and tireing.There was lots of older children that lead the activities.A very big thank you to colfox for letting us come to your school on wednesday.THANK YOU!!!!

By Amber

Starting swiming

We started swimming on the 7th of June. We split into two groups and got changed.Then one group did P.E and another started swimming. We had about ten minutes each. While swimming we practiced our front stroke also we had a bit of free play. We had to practice an emergency getting out at the horn and two people went and told the office and year 2.

Alyssa and Grace


In the beginning of the summer term we entered a poetry competition. It was mind blowing that we were two of the children who won because there were a lot of people that entered it.

Year 6 students of St. Catherine’s Roman Catholic Primary School had a walk around their playground ideally trying to hear and watch nature around them. After their walk,  they went back into their classroom and thought about something they had seen or heard and based a poem around that. Joshua chose Colmer’s Hill because it is such an iconic Bridport landmark. Mia chose a dandelion and a fossil because they are linked by time.

We are very pleased with the books we won. The title of the book is “Beyond the Bright Sea”.

Year 3 Open Afternoon

Thank you to our lovely parents for showing your suppport and coming along this afternoon. We hope you enjoyed the chance to see what we’ve been up to over the last term. The children were incredibly proud to be able to show you all their brilliant work and fun ways of learning.

Living Art

I hope you all enjoyed our lovely art exhibition. I thought Year Four looked great. The t-shirts will last if you can iron them BEFORE you wash them. This will set the fabric paint. I would recommend you don’t wash them with anything else to start with just in case the colour runs. Thank-you for your support over this last half term and have a lovely half term.

The Great Fra Newbery Collage and The Wonderful Watercolors!

A few days ago- year 6,Mrs Grier and Mrs Stevens finished the collage that they made in the school hall. It took about a week over all to finish.  We made a collage of a painting Francis ( Fra was his nickname ) Newbery painted called : A Weaver’s Shop. Many people helped in this occasion. The first set of people that went were : Phoebe Winding , Paige Wathey and Kaitlyn Yang. They started by  roughly outlining the shape of the painting. Then ,in a later time ,they started cutting out fabrics and slightly shaping some of the materials. After that, they started to cut some balsa wood to use so they could make the spinning wheel. Next, they finished off by painting over some of the materials. Once they had finished, Tallulah  , Kaitlyn  and Paige went to take a picture of them with the collage. Sebastian was also their so they could take  a picture of the small group. The children were all proud of their work in the end.

They also did some watercolours. After Ruth Winding (Phoebe’s mother) had taught a few people, some of them went to teach on their own. The teachers were : Mia ,Kaitlyn, Sebastian , Phoebe and Paige. They taught the basics of water colouring. Most of their pupils listened. However some didn’t. A few of the people who did listen were : Timothy Boulter , Oakley Winter’s O’ Brien, Euan Chant, Keira Lake, Pippa Taylor and Tallulah Gravelle. They were all very eager to learn the arts of water colouring.After they had learnt about the basics, they went on to paint the painting that Francis Newbery had painted. All of them did very well and their pictures came out brilliantly. Hopefully they’ll be doing something like this again! If you would like to see their amazing artwork you can see it in either the school hall or their classroom located by the school gate that you exit the school in. Thank you for reading all of this! 

By Kaitlyn