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In the beginning of the summer term we entered a poetry competition. It was mind blowing that we were two of the children who won because there were a lot of people that entered it.

Year 6 students of St. Catherine’s Roman Catholic Primary School had a walk around their playground ideally trying to hear and watch nature around them. After their walk,  they went back into their classroom and thought about something they had seen or heard and based a poem around that. Joshua chose Colmer’s Hill because it is such an iconic Bridport landmark. Mia chose a dandelion and a fossil because they are linked by time.

We are very pleased with the books we won. The title of the book is “Beyond the Bright Sea”.

The Great Fra Newbery Collage and The Wonderful Watercolors!

A few days ago- year 6,Mrs Grier and Mrs Stevens finished the collage that they made in the school hall. It took about a week over all to finish.  We made a collage of a painting Francis ( Fra was his nickname ) Newbery painted called : A Weaver’s Shop. Many people helped in this occasion. The first set of people that went were : Phoebe Winding , Paige Wathey and Kaitlyn Yang. They started by  roughly outlining the shape of the painting. Then ,in a later time ,they started cutting out fabrics and slightly shaping some of the materials. After that, they started to cut some balsa wood to use so they could make the spinning wheel. Next, they finished off by painting over some of the materials. Once they had finished, Tallulah  , Kaitlyn  and Paige went to take a picture of them with the collage. Sebastian was also their so they could take  a picture of the small group. The children were all proud of their work in the end.

They also did some watercolours. After Ruth Winding (Phoebe’s mother) had taught a few people, some of them went to teach on their own. The teachers were : Mia ,Kaitlyn, Sebastian , Phoebe and Paige. They taught the basics of water colouring. Most of their pupils listened. However some didn’t. A few of the people who did listen were : Timothy Boulter , Oakley Winter’s O’ Brien, Euan Chant, Keira Lake, Pippa Taylor and Tallulah Gravelle. They were all very eager to learn the arts of water colouring.After they had learnt about the basics, they went on to paint the painting that Francis Newbery had painted. All of them did very well and their pictures came out brilliantly. Hopefully they’ll be doing something like this again! If you would like to see their amazing artwork you can see it in either the school hall or their classroom located by the school gate that you exit the school in. Thank you for reading all of this! 

By Kaitlyn 

The Amazing Fra Newbery Collage

A few days ago , the amazing year 6 started the Francis Henry Newbery – also know as Fra Newbery – collage. It all started on Monday morning when Mrs Grier and Mrs Stevens came into our class and grabbed a couple of people to go with them to start the collage. These people were Kaitlyn , Phoebe , Paige. They started it off because they are the best drawers in the class. The next day , which was Tuesday , more people came as they did on Wednesday and Thursday to finish of the collage and it looks stunning if I do say so myself. We used  flax for the hair of the people and a variety of different fabrics , however the rest was just regular paint.

On the Friday before we started some of the students taught the other students about water colouring . The teachers where , Kaitlyn , Sebastian , Phoebe and Paige. There were good listeners and bad listeners. The people who were good listeners were : Keira Lake , Holly Loveless , Ben March , Pippa Taylor , Tallulah Gravelle and Mia Wood. The work we did can be seen in the hall at school or in the year 6 classroom closest to the school gate you enter and exit also located opposite the year 4 classroom.


Recently, year 6 were told to create a copy of Fra Newbery’s extraordinary painting ‘weaving the sailcloth’ on a massive collage/mural in the lunch hall.  It was quite a challenge at first but me, Paige and Kaitlyn  got it going. Next, some more year sixes arrived and carried on the collage. There to help us were ms Grier and ms Stevens, who were very good at art. It took only two days to complete and I was really impressed with it in the end. Today, which is the 26th of May,some parents are coming to view our masterpiece, and our watercolour versions.

It  was difficult, but we managed to do it just right, with much confusion,pride, and most of all, teamwork. even though some were more interested in the subject and painting than others, and a few did not listen, we all did extremely well. Kaitlyn even got star of the week because she did so well!!

Another thing we did related to this painting was when my mum , Ruth Winding, came into our class to teach us some watercolour tips so we could produce an outstanding watercolour painting version each. After our presentation to the parents , we will send them to the Arts Centre to display there. The next day after my mum had left , me, Kaitlyn and  Paige taught some fellow pupils in our class the tips that my mum taught my group, I think the best listener was Mia , who did exactly as I asked her to.

I really hope that we do something like this again, it was lovely! The mural in the lunch hall is heavily admired by passers by, pupils and teachers.

this report was by Phoebe, year 6.

Rope Trip!

On Monday the 16th of May,Year 6 went  on a trip to two buildings: Bridport’s Town Hall and Coastal Nets.First  they walked down to the Town Hall where they learnt about how people lived in the 1840s; it was awful.Later that day, year 6 walked up to the millennium garden and sat on a brick wall and ate their lunch. When they had finish their lunch, they all played football and the final score was 3-3(3 all).They then started to walk to Coastal Nets.Coastal Nets is owned by Mr Barr.He has owned the factory for over 30 years and is hopefully going to pass it down to his son.He gave us a tour and told us what they do there; it was great fun.Three of us tried to braid nets however one thought it was hard.Finally,we tried something called… Splicing rope.Lots of people found it very hard however little of our group could do it.After a long day-which was also very exhausting-we walked back to school.It was a great day.

by Sebastian Waller      😀


A trip to the past….of rope making.

On Tuesday 16th may we {year 6}went to town.The reason for this is that we all wanted to know about the history of rope making in the olden times.When we got to town the first place we went was to the town hall for they had a display put out ready to show us.

While walking up the stairs we came across loads of boards with information stapled onto it.Some of us started to cram all we could into our brains while others carried on walking up until they came across the massive,wooden door leading to…….MORE INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!

We walked in.There were tables that were surrounded by even more information.There was a man who was going to inform us about our ‘mission'{what we had to do for the next 2 hours}.There were leaflets on the table which held the answers to the question that were on a piece of paper in front of us.After 2 hours we finished and went to a massive,beautiful,green field.  This was where we stopped to eat our lunch which was brought in Mrs Haylock’s car.

We walked for a while afterwards almost as if we were going to school but we ended up somewhere else.This place was a rope factory and we got to see rope being made.The owner showed us around the building making sure not to miss out on anything because he must of wanted us to know exactly how it was made.He quickly showed us how it was made;we got to make it.At the end of it all we got to bring a piece of rope home with us.That was our trip to the past.

The Amazing Chocolate Challenge In Year 6!!! :D

The Chocolate Challenge was on the 8th – 11th May. It happened during our SATs! There were multiple groups. On the first day (Monday) we made some advertising leaflets. The next day (Tuesday) we worked out the profits and losses on a piece of paper that we had to show on the presentation. The next day (Wednesday) was VERY exciting! This day we made our AMAZING chocolates! The people who won were Kaitlyn and Mia ; they won a Lindt chocolate bar and a gift card from Waterstone’s. The winners were announced on Friday in assembly.

Here’s a quote from Kaitlyn :

“The challenge was fun and exciting! I hope we do another one in the future!”

People created designs like : A Chocolate Roulette, A Treasure Box (made of chocolate!)                                                                                                and                                                                                                                A Range Of Different Chocolates In Decorated Boxes!  c:              

Freshwater Fun!

On Friday 12th of May ,year 6 had an amazing day of swimming and bowling at Freshwater!

All of us, the children of year 6, can agree we had lots of fun.

Firstly we all went on a coach ride to the swimming centre ,got off and changed into

our cozzies ready to swim. Going down the slides and jumping into the pool was all

very much enjoyable ,and so was the bowling! We were split into groups of four or

five ( I was in a group of five)

chocolate challenge!

On Wednesday our class certainly showed that is was amazing when we did THE CHOCOLATE   CHALLENGE!!The chocolate challenge was a competition where we chose to go in pairs, by ourselves,threes or more. we then designed our chocolates, me and my partner chose to do a “food theme” some other chosen designs were:

  • a beach theme
  • a treasure chest theme
  • a fancy theme
  • and a chocolate roulette

Although the chocolate challenge was to be really exciting, we still had to do our boring SAT s , so we didn’t do the chocolate challenge until the afternoon, but that didn’t matter. Also before we made the chocolates we had to think about how much profit we would get , and we had to make a persuasive leaflet about how people should buy our wonderful chocolates and not anyone else’s!! we had to buy the ingredients and supply our own utensils. First of all, me and Izzy melted our chocolate bars in the microwave , then stirred them and grated orange and lemon for the pineapple flavour ( we thought it wasn’t a very good idea to grate pineapple!!)and put them in the pineapple moulds since we couldn’t waist any time because the chocolate would go hard. Next, for our unicorn flavour, we melted white chocolate, added dried raspberries, sherbet and skittles and poured them in the unicorn moulds. for our third flavour we bashed digestives in a small plastic bag with a rolling pin,added it to the chocolate, and put them in the square moulds. I think you can guess what that flavour was – cookie crumble! It was all going well until…. DILEMMA!!! we didn’t have enough chocolate for the grape flavour!!! Suddenly, we had an idea. We coated the grapes in the spare chocolate and lay them on the moulds, problem  solved! Finally, all our chocolates went in the fridge to harden overnight.

The next morning, we had a bit of time to decorate the chocolates. Izzy and i then coated the pineapple flavour in yellow and green icing thinly, so it wasn’t too sickly. Next we put kawaii (meaning cute in Japanese) faces on them.

After that, the judges – Ms Vincent and Ms Ciorra- came round to decide who was the winning team. They clearly got a big surprise on the chocolate roulette; the chilli flavour was perfectly disguised! It seemed like  everyone had a fair chance of winning, and the tension arose when the winners were announced on Friday in assembly. T he winners were, drum-roll please, ………………. Kaitlyn  and Mia!!! Their chocolates exceeded expectations, the presentation was as good as the taste-extraordinary !!

by Phoebe


The school play will be a flourish of beauty which will be remembered by all people who watch the  play.The school play will be the best of all time – you will find it divine. Wait to see our amazing talent.  We will let our little lights shine for you who watch.The year6 team,a bunndle of fun to watch , a clever but chatty bunch.Never afraid to show what they have got.I hope you have enjoyed our blog. We wish to see you at the play of mystery … by Faye&Fred.