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This week in year 5


Today we did week 2 of swimming. On the 1st week we had a practice of the horn and we had to get out and Bea and Ryan took the red cards when they came back we were in the pool again and we got free play!!! This week I and Bea were the red card people. But nothing happened.


Today we are going to do a skip-a-thon  witch is going to be fun!!


We went to Colfox on Wednesday and we did rounders and some people in are class did dance.

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by Ruby

Sports and more

Wednesday we went to the colfox sports festival, we did football rounders, tennis rounders, cricket rounders and normal rounders. Yesterday we started swimming for the time in year 5. We did dodgeball yesterday it was great fun, Mr Toohill caught me out but I can’t blame him because he is tall. Year 5 boys love football, most of them are in the st.catherines football team.

we are doing skip to be fit challenge.

from Ryan

Sports festival at colfox

Today we did:

  • front crawl in swimming,
  • a lovely mathes test
  • awesome computing


On wednesday we went to colfox.We played rounder-football ect.Some girls went to the drama hall to dance.It was very fun and tireing.There was lots of older children that lead the activities.A very big thank you to colfox for letting us come to your school on wednesday.THANK YOU!!!!

By Amber

Starting swiming

We started swimming on the 7th of June. We split into two groups and got changed.Then one group did P.E and another started swimming. We had about ten minutes each. While swimming we practiced our front stroke also we had a bit of free play. We had to practice an emergency getting out at the horn and two people went and told the office and year 2.

Alyssa and Grace

Team Building Games

In P.E today we were doing team building activities. Firstly, we played a warm  up game called domes and dishes which involved speed and lots of people. This is simple – all you have to do is create two teams and dot loads of cones around your two teams and one team has to try and keep the cones looking like dishes and the other team has to keep the cones looking like domes.


How to play caterpillars. All you have to do is, have at least three teams of five with a ball inbetween each player. The object of the game is to keep the ball inbertween you will racing around an obstacle course without it falling from between you.

Crown Jewels

All you need is four teams of about five, as many been bags as you can find and finally five hoops with a group of been bags in each hoop then when you here the whistle steel as many been bags from everywhere. At the of the game whoever has the most been bags at the end wins.