Our Big Day! 50th Birthday

Friday was a very special day for our school and our class. See ‘Replies’ for comments from each of our class on their memories of the day.

14 thoughts on “Our Big Day! 50th Birthday

  1. Harry

    Our 50th Annerversary Was So Great and My Favorite Part Was When Year 4 Sang Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay

  2. Lola and Ebony

    Ebony-we all had a nurture Breakfast and Bishop Mark came. Me and Lola sat next to him on Lola’s birthday.

    Lola- as Ebony said, that was my birthday. So it was double the fun! We had a BIG liturgy in the hall. Then we had our first medatation of the day. Next we had a visit from sister Ethel. She designed our school logo. The whole school had a concert on the field! We sang I wanna be like you and colonel hathis march.

  3. Elina

    On the 23rd it was the50th celebrations we did 2or3 peformensess I did 3 because I did a song called apche on the guataur the other songs where carnols march ,I wan’t to be like you there was2more.

  4. Kitty pember

    On Friday 23rd June 2017.
    The big summer concert was AWESOME!
    I think year 3s songs where the best out of the whole school.

    By kitty pember

  5. Eliza

    Our 50th aniversary was AMAZING!!! All the songs were great fun. My guitar lessons really payed of when we played! Congratulations to the school for making it this far! I love the school and it’s lessons . By eliza

  6. Ruby

    I liked when we did are concert I was really excited eventhough we had no music.
    My favourite part was the twerking all I could hear was laughing .
    In the morning we met Sister Ethel she used to be a teacher hear we asked her many questions but… I didn’t ask any. Last but not least we had are Nuture breakfast !!!!!!!!! We invited Bishop Mark,
    Cannon Keith, Cannon Richard , Mrs.Coombs , Mrs Jenkins and Sarah.

  7. Eli L

    On Friday we had a nurture breakfast and bishop mark,canon keith,canon ritchard,mrs adams,mrs Jenkins,mrs coombs and we had a 50th birthday concert.Sister Ethel came to are school and she usto teach year 3,year4,year2, and reception.we song i wanna be like you and hup two three four and we got to wiggle your bottom.We did two meditations my favirate was I WANNER BE LIKE YOU.My faverate atcion was wiggle our bottoms.

  8. Rafferty

    My favourite part about friday was The concert because In the concert we got to wiggle our bums!giggle giggle!


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