50th Celebrations

Wow! What a busy week we have ending with a lovely day on Friday.  I was very proud of year 4, its not easy performing in front of a large audience but they rose to the challenge brilliantly. Their confidence has grown significantly over the past year and this was born out today. They sung well and looked fabulous. Well done.

4 thoughts on “50th Celebrations

  1. Oscar

    Oscar; I had a great day in year 3. We started by having a nurture breakfast bishop mark came round! We had croissants and our visitors were: Canon keith, Bishop mark, Canon Richard, Mrs coombs (Georgina), Mrs Jenkins and Mrs adams (Sarah).The croissants were filled with jam and butter.They were very yummy! Soon after that, We had a short mass (Liturgy) We sang a song at the start I was proud of my voice. Then we heard a first reading by Mrs Guppy and we had what they call ‘A reading of the gospel according to matthew’.At the end we heard a Homily from bishop mark.
    We had a new meditation it was relaxing.Then,Sister ethel told us about when the school was built.And then it was the consert we sang songs and I was filled with pride.It was a great day!

  2. Jack

    On Friday my favourite part was playing the guitar.We played the shadows song.The shadows are a band. it was realy realy fun!First it was our go.We sang I wanna be like you from the jungle book.it was realy funny because we wiggled our bottoms.

  3. Lucas

    On friday we had a 50th aniversary my favourite part was the song I wanna be like you the most inbarising part was us wiggling our bottoms.


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