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Golf at the Sir John Colfox Academy

We left at eleven thirty in the morning. It was nerve racking and exiting but fun on the way. When we got there we started lunch, we definately needed it – I was starving. It filled me up for the day. Finally we started. Our first station  was trying to hit the blue, green and yellow cones. I hit all of them – at least all of them a few times each. I was good at it and so was every one  else. We got a lot of points, it was fun. At the end we played bullseye, it was my favourite.                                                       by Alfie



tri golf

When we went to the tri golf competition we had lunch and then we played some games. On our first game we had to hit the ball along a path without it going out. On our next game we had to touch all the cones, which were worth different points.

by Iris

Tri Golf in Colfox

On Thursday,at 11:10am we left the school to play tri golf in colfox.When we arrived, we sat down in our corner to eat our lunch. While we were eating, we saw other schools like Powerstock, Symondsbury and Burton Bradstock.  After all 12 schools  came the teachers split us in teams like Team A and Team B. First Team A played in a zone and team B played in the hoop then we all moved side ways and some of us liked the game of Bullseye . When we finished all 8 games, we sat down to drink. 1 or 2 minutes later they pronounced the winner and Symondsbury won again… WE HAD SO MUCH FUN.



our tri-golf trip

On Thursday 27th April the class were invited to a tri-golf competition and I had the job  of taking photos then Mrs Franklin said I could have a go so I did. The first game we played was ball zone then we played in the zone and my favourite was ball zone and on my team was Archie, Alex , Alec ,  Alfie,  Sherwin, Tegan, Maisie-Grace, Imogen, Emily and Lettice.


from Marly





had a tri-golf compitition at colfox acadamy school when we got there we had are lunch

our tri- golf trip

On Thursday 27 April we were invited to a Tri- golf compitition at Colfox secondary school. We played lots of games and some children showed us how to do them. The game I liked the most was  ‘In the Zone’ .  I was on team B, on my team there was Lily-Jane , Immy , Tabby , Tommy , Esme , Imagan ,Lettice , David , Evie, Lucas  and me . This is my first trip because I am new and I love it here .


by Maisy R

Tri-Golf at Colfox.

We had a great day on Thursday at Colfox, playing golf with 12 other primary schools. The children were a credit to the school and Mrs Tschuchno and I were very proud of them. We didnt win but as Alfie said ‘Its about competing not winning’. Check out the photos below.