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Newspaper Club!

Earlier this year, three pupils from Year 6 and 3 pupils from Year 5 got chosen for a new club called the Newspaper Club. Now, every Tuesday these fantastic children get a chance to show their writing skills and sit together to share their ideas for the following newspaper. The Newspaper Clubs latest issue  includes:

  • Cross Country Run
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Agony Aunt
  • Donald Trump (the US General Election)
  • Christmas Competiton (now ended)
  • Bugsy Malone
  • Mrs Guppy’s (the headteacher’s) Interview
  • Roald Dahl Day
  • 50 years of St. Catherines
  • Behind the scenes of the Kenway Cup

This issue was a great success and sold 26 copies! The Newspaper Club are currently writing their January/February issue, and will include the usual but look out for some changes and special pages!

If you would like to buy an issue (if you are a parent or guardian) go to the school’s office and ask the ladies in there for one and…  they’re only 30p each!


In music we have learnt a new song called ‘divorced, beheaded and died’. We sung this because we are learning about the Tudors, this song is about Henry VIII and his wives. Then we sung another song called ‘Lets Sing’. After that Mrs Lewendon said, “Wow you did so well!” I really enjoyed it!

By Esme


In PE this week we were learning about our heart rate. We were doing circuits, the one that I enjoyed the most was the speed bounce on the hurdles and the rest station of  course. The other stations were sit ups, balancing, bean bag game and hula hoops. I was really exhausted at the end.

by Alexander


The Colfox run

On the 11th some people from the local schools went to Colfox to do a very hard  Cross-Country race to try and make their school happy. There was a boys race and a girls race. When we started all I could hear were people shouting, “go on, go on, go on,  go on”.  At the end we heard the results and our boys A team came 1st, our boys B team were the best B team and the Girls A team came 3rd. Oakley won the boys race and Maisie came 3rd in the girls race. It was exhausting!

By Emily


Our Christmas recount

In literacy this week  we are writing our Christmas recount.  My one was called my amazing christmas i will never forget.  In my recount I described the wrapping paper, I said how exited I was when I woke up and what I hade for breakfast. One of my presents was a furby boom and  my stocking was full to the top. We went to my mums friends house for dinner. We stayed there for ever! At the end I was really tired .


(week ending 6th January)


Today in maths we did ordering numbers with decimal points and then we decided which symbol < or >  would go where, I worked with Tallulah and we did lots of work!

by Iris

(week ending 6th January)




In music we were practising for the spring concert in 10 weeks.The song we were learnt was about moving your body.The last verse was really fast so everyone couldn’t keep up and when Mrs Lewendon started the music we didn’t always start at the right time. We all had good time while we were singing happily. Then Daisy did a song on the keyboard that was jinglebells.

By Alec

(week ending 6th January)

Our Tudor dance

Today we learnt a Tudor dance in the hall. We all had fun time and we listened to the Tudor music and then did a Tudor dance. We watched a video of people doing a Tudor dance, the women have long dresses.

By Imogen

(week ending 6th January)



Last term we made bread . It was very successful. We were put into teams of six and we were given instructions of how to make bread . Then we did an experiment of seeing what would happen if we put yeast in warm water ,cold water and just have it on its own . The results were that warm water broke the yeast ,the cold water just stayed the same also the yeast stayed yeast . Some people made animals , platted it and made pretzels with the bread.