Monthly Archives: December 2016

Is it snowing?

We have been busy making snowmen to sell at the Christmas Fair. They are made from chocolate and sugar paste so completely edible. As you can imagine, the children had great fun customising their particular snowman. The children can reserve them now for £2.00 each or buy them at the fair. On Wednesday  afternoon I believe there will be another fall of snow!

IMG_0359 IMG_0360 IMG_0365 IMG_0362 IMG_0373 IMG_0375

maths shapes

We are  learning about different triangles like Isosceles, Right angle, Equilateral and Scalene. A right angle triangle has a right angle in it. An Isosceles triangle has two sides the same length. Today in maths we made 3D shapes out of straws and blue tac. I liked making them. You will be able to see them on Friday 2nd December because it is our open afternoon.

by Lucas



 We have been making  Christmas  decorations all week. Our theme is ‘Hope’ this year.First we had to cut out the word ‘Hope’ and the angle wings.Then we curled thin  strips of paper  and  stuck them on the wings. Next we coloured  the holes in the word. After that we put glitter on the word ‘Hope’. Finally  we stapled it together (The decorations were hung on our tree at the tree festival).

By Lettice



maths shapes

We have been learning about shapes this week. On Thursday we all made 3D shapes from nets. My group made a hexagonal prism. We took 2 days, I was the first person to finish. It fell apart lots of times as it was made from straws. Next we made more 3D shapes and made them into pets. It was great fun.

By Archie


Cross country

On Saturday 19th of October St Catherine’s took part in the  Colmers Hill run. I took part in  it myself and it was very hard. We raced against 50 girls. Also there was a boy’s race and Oakley was first in sight but when he got to the funnel a boy over took him and he came second. After that all the schools went down to the school. Then the boss announced the wining school. And the girls A team came second and the boys came first. After that the boys team and the girls team from a different school received a medal.  The boys team was from St Catherines.

By Maisie-Grace