Monthly Archives: November 2016

Open afternoon

Year four will be holding their open afternoon on Friday 2nd December at 2.15. The children are eager to show you what they have been learning over the past term so please join us if you can. There may be biscuits!

Mrs Franklin


Lily Rose Leaving.

On Wednesday Lily – Rose was leaving to go to a new school. We all got to eat donuts and at 3 o clock we all gave her a hug and said  good bye . We sang her favourite song which was called Tutunkamon. I felt a bit sad.

by Evie

Drama day

Wednesday afternoon we did some drama to help us know how refugees would feel. It was very good fun to act. It was so good and so amazing, we  did very  well.  It helped me understand where the refugees live and how bad their lives were.

by Lily-Jane


Assessments all week.

Year 4 have worked hard this week at school because  they have done lots and lots of assessments. Some  of them were really hard and some were okay. We did maths, reading and spellings test. The spelling test was the hardest out of all of them. We were happy when we  finished them. I think I did ok. (You did brilliantly, Tegan, by Mrs Franklin)

By Tegan

Pyjama day

We went to school on Friday the 18th in our pyjamas for children in need. Some people had really funky pyjamas! We still had to do English and Maths . As a school we raised £290  in a day! We had a lot of fun. We had to make 100 Pudsey  Bear pictures which we put all over the outside of our classroom, you might have seen them.  Some were very pretty and cute. I was so glad when I heard we raised so much money!

by Emily


Prayer mat making

On Monday 21st we made prayer mats. I liked making the prayer mat.  We used oil pastels and felt tips to colour in the prayer mats. We put our prayer mats on the window because the light shines through them and they look amazing.


by David


Baking the cakes

We all came in from playtime and the teacher told us what was happening.Our class was going to make cakes, first we had to wash our hands. We then needed to crush up the digestive biscuits and weigh them. Next we had break up some milk chocolate as well as the dark chocolate.Then I cut the unsalted butter, we weighed it until the scales pointed to 100 grams. After that the teacher came round the classroom and plopped some golden syrup into our bowl. We mixed it all together and popped it in the fridge. They were delicious.

by Tallulah




Bake day

On  Friday the 18th we were selling cakes and some looked like ice creams,Emily made Welsh cakes they got sold in a flash. On Thursday we made fridge cakes to sell, they were 30p each, and did you know that we raised £140.00? It was worth all the effort because we will have helped lots of children.

by Immy


Week 2

Our first week of blogging has been a great success. The children are so keen to blog they keep bringing in blogs written at home to post! A big thank-you to all the parents who commented on their posts. Our mornings now start with a quick check to see if anyone has commented!


Sum dog

We are taking part in a Sum Dog challenge. It ends next Thursday, it is county wide. Anyone can play.  We are leaning the 6 times tables and 7 times table. I’v worked out the nine times tables on my own . Maths is easy when you know them all! We are going  to know all the tables up to 12. 

by Alex