Visit to Bridport Museum

Today we walked down to Bridport museum. We had a fabulous time there.

First we had a look at some old household items which is related to our History topic In Living Memory. We had to try and guess what some of the items were and were then shown their modern equivalent.  We saw a bed pan and a stone hot water bottle that people used to use to warm their beds. As well as those, we saw an old hoover, an old metal iron and lots of other interesting artefacts.

After that we made some rope, which was really exciting.

A big thank you to the museum for making us feel so welcome.

Well done to Year 1 for being such a credit to our school.

This week

This week has been Book Week. Well done to all the great costumes that you wore. You looked great!

On Thursday we joined Year 4 to share some books together. The children all really enjoyed this.


Today we went to the library for a visit. Everyone was so well behaved and a real credit to the school. We had a tour, made some bookmarks and had a story read to us. Thank you to Catherine from Bridport Library for making us so welcome.

Julia’s House Fun Run

In July, the PTFA organised a Julia’s House Run a Mile event. This supported a worthy charity and provided the children with a lot of fun and exercise! The PTFA received fabulous support from all the children in raising money and all children received medals for their efforts. In total
£1,628.60 was raised, with this being split 50/50 (£814.30) between Julia’s House and the school.  A brilliant effort by everyone!


Bishop Visit

On Friday Bishop Mark arrived. First thing in the morning  the Bishop had a nurture breakfast in Year 3. After  he visited each class our class question was what does it feel like to be a bishop?

His answer was really good.

by George


We learnt about poetry and we had a go at doing our own poem, I did my own poem. I did the tyger tyger and it took me a very very long time. What is your favourite poem?


By Evie

50th Celebrations

Wow! What a busy week we have ending with a lovely day on Friday.  I was very proud of year 4, its not easy performing in front of a large audience but they rose to the challenge brilliantly. Their confidence has grown significantly over the past year and this was born out today. They sung well and looked fabulous. Well done.

50th Anniversary Celebrations

The PTFA supplied cream teas, cake & refreshments for guests during our 50th Anniversary Celebrations. These were appreciated by all whilst they were admiring the displays around the school . It showed the excellent school community spirit we have at St. Catherine’s  with parents/carers, staff and visitors all coming together to make it such a special event.

This week in year 5


Today we did week 2 of swimming. On the 1st week we had a practice of the horn and we had to get out and Bea and Ryan took the red cards when they came back we were in the pool again and we got free play!!! This week I and Bea were the red card people. But nothing happened.


Today we are going to do a skip-a-thon  witch is going to be fun!!


We went to Colfox on Wednesday and we did rounders and some people in are class did dance.

thank you for reading

by Ruby